CGC Nigeria Limited is hiring Material Secretary - Yobe.
CGC Nigeria Limited a Chinese company with it's headquarter in Abuja is a subsidiary of CGCOC GROUP CO., LTD. in mainland China. CGC Nigeria Limited is a reputable Chinese Company at the forefront of construction of Roads and Bridges, Agriculture, Mining, Water Supply, Irrigation, Drilling, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Trade in Nigeria.
Job Title:
Material Secretary

Job Brief:
CGC Nig. Ltd., is looking for an experienced Material Secretary to manage inventory and purchasing procedures of raw materials and other supplies used in our company. The ideal candidate’s job description will entail planning, procurement, storage, control and distribution of materials to meet CGC’s objective and requirements. The major objective of this role is to ensure our projects always have an adequate flow of the materials needed.

Job requirement:
• Implement and co-ordinate a process to review and maintain a 12 monthly operational material requirements plan and ensures timely deliveries;
• Oversees the purchasing and/or contracting for materials, supplies, equipment, and services for the operation of the project. Confers with requesting parties when specific sources are requested;
• Work with the manager to determine supply needs;
• Purchase supplies and materials according to specifications;
• Coordinate and supervise receiving and warehousing procedures;
• Oversee distribution of supplies in the organisation;
• Oversees and ensures proper control planning and scheduling programs to meet sales forecasts and to balance the level of manpower and machine requirements;
• Keeps abreast of materials and automotive markets and materials pricing trends that affect company products;
• Ensures that the company standard practices and procedures are followed in connection with all materials department functions;
. Acceptance, storage, stacking, inventory, reconciliation, etc. of the project materials;
. Archiving of related documents;
• Responsible for the motivation and development of subordinates to optimize their performance and their personal and professional growth;
• Keep detailed records on procurement activity, materials quantity, specifications etc;
• Identify material requirements from production and engineering cycles;
• Analyse price proposals and financial reports to identify reasonable prices;
• Negotiate and administer supplier contracts.

Other requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/ Economics/Computer science, logistics or any related field.
• Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
• Good hands on experience with MS Office.
• Substantial knowledge of inventory management processes and their application within a construction setting.
Sound level of written, oral, interpersonal communication and organisational skills.
• Excellent presentation skills.
• Experience in purchasing, production and/or inventory control, and customer service.

Working Experience:
2 Years working experience


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