Coles Enterprise Bargaining in 2020
This claims survey is to help develop a log of claims for RAFFWU members to endorse for bargaining with Coles. This survey is open to RAFFWU members and those interested in joining RAFFWU who work at Coles Supermarkets.

Right now workers at Coles are paid a minimum wage. It is only a few cents more than the absolute minimum Coles is allowed to pay. The minimum wage you are paid is not a Living Wage. A Living Wage is a wage which allows you and your family to buy bread and other necessities of life, but also to actually live! Imagine not having to worry about the rent or mortgage, or the next bill, or school costs or all the other things which are part of living. Imagine being able to afford some nice flowers or a nice meal out more often. A Living Wage is about more than surviving - it’s about living!

A living wage is calculated as 60% of the Median Full-Time Adult Wage in Australia. The median is a measure of the midpoint. If you lined up every full-time adult wage in Australia, the one in the very middle would be about $42 per hour. Just as many full-time adult workers earn less as those that earn more. Many earn a great deal more. The Australian Living Wage is 60% of this median $42 per hour. In Australia, a Living Wage is $25 per hour (with loadings and penalty rates on top.)
Which of the following common claims rank as important to you? *
What other claims would you like RAFFWU members to pursue at Coles in enterprise agreement negotiations?
Please write out any other rights you would like to see included.
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