Winter Retreat Tennis Tournament
Dear Winter Retreat friends,
On Friday and Saturday afternoons we have free time to participate in different sports and activities. I would like to set up a time where we can have some fun playing tennis. You can choose to play tennis, or play other things, it's up to you.

In a perfect situation, we will have 8 tennis courts to play on, if no other groups are there. If other groups are there, we will do our best to share courts.

We will play on Friday (Dec.28) 2:30PM to 5:30PM for the Doubles Tournament.
We will play on Saturday (Dec.29) 2:30PM to 5:30PM for the Singles Tournament.

There are no age restrictions. If you sign up, please BRING YOUR OWN TENNIS RACKET AND A FRESH NEW CAN OF TENNIS BALLS for each day. This is a friendly tournament, please be nice to each other. No cussing or trash talking on the courts.

The first 30 minutes from 2:30pm to 3:00pm will be warm up time. Then the official tournament begins.
For the tournament, you will play ONE SET (six games), the winner moves on to the next bracket. If there's only a few people competing, we might play best out of 3 SETS. You will ref (judge) your own games. If there's a dispute on a call, such as a ball landing on the line or not, just re-do that play. No need to argue. If the disputes are not resolvable, you may request a referee.

For Friday Doubles, there will be two people on each team. It can be boy+girl, or boy+boy, or girl+girl. You will play against teams with any combination of gender and age.

For Saturday Singles, it will be gender based. Boys vs. Boys only. Girls vs. Girls only.

If you have any questions, please contact: Pastor KC Liu at or call at (714)702-6070

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