2017 IAND Annual Meeting Webinars
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Show Me The Money: How Public Policy Impacts Dietitian Services
Presenters: Carrie Leiran, MS, RDN, LD, CEDRD & Susie Roberts, RDN, LD, MS, CWPD

Session Description:
Public Policy greatly impacts the level of credence our field is given…and that directly affects how dietitian services get compensated. To further the nutritional importance of what we do, all dietitians must advocate for themselves as well as our profession at the local, state, and
national level.

Level 2 l Learning Needs Codes 1080, 7170, 7180

1) The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act allows Intensive Behavior Therapy services to be provided for all of the following beneficiaries? *
2) For RDN services to be covered/reimbursed by insurance, the appropriate Diagnosis code must be added to the electronic medical record by the RDN in the patient’s medical record? *
3) The Medical Nutrition Therapy Codes for individual patients, 97802 and 97803, allow for 2 hours of RDN services in the initial calendar year, and 3 hours in subsequent years? *
4) The Prevent Diabetes in Medicare Act provides insurance coverage, using the “G” codes (0270 and 0271), for the following beneficiary? *
5) Select the appropriate order of basic steps in the Coding & Billing Process: *
6) In the prevalent reimbursement models in most healthcare systems today, delivery of services is becoming more _____- based, and moving away from ____________________. *
7) What are examples of reimbursement-related tools that dietitians can access/utilize from both The Academy and the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics websites? *
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