Submission of member resolutions in advance of the AGM
Member resolutions can be submit in advance of our AGM via this form. A resolution should be in the form of an item on which members are expected to vote. Any member resolutions for this year's AGM require support of 10% of the membership. At the time of writing this is a minimum of 62 members of the Society.
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Name of Member (and registered email address) Proposing Resolution
e.g. "Forename Surname ("
Context of Resolution (100 word limit)
A concise paragraph briefly identifying and describing the issue or the reason for the resolution.
The Proposed Enactment of the Resolution
A short statement clearly describing the action being requested and highlighting the resolution’s intent. This should be proposed in the form a single statement for vote.
List of Members (and email addresses) Supporting the Resolution
e.g. "Forename Surname (, Other Person (, ..."
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