HAT3000: crowdsourcing a crochet hat dataset for a neural network
At AiWeirdness.com I train computer programs called neural networks to generate humor as they try to imitate human datasets. I recently trained a neural network (named SkyKnit) to generate knitting patterns, with the help of the (adults-only) LSG forum at Ravelry. After reading thousands of pattern examples, the neural network learned to produce its own very strange patterns. They looked nothing like the human patterns it had learned from, and they had all sorts of mistakes - dropped stitches, extra stitches - but with debugging help from talented human knitters, we got weird organic lace, wacky ribbing, and even tentacles.

Read more about the SkyKnit project here: http://aiweirdness.com/post/173096796277/skyknit-when-knitters-teamed-up-with-a-neural
And here: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/03/the-making-of-skyknit-an-ai-yarn/554894/
The AI-generated patterns are available for free here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/skyknit-the-collection

Now, let's see if an algorithm (let's call it HAT3000) can learn crochet! First, it needs to see examples of crochet patterns.

This time, I'm collecting *just hats*. And just in US notation. This will make it easier on the algorithm, and help it to produce some fun functional objects. Weird hats are welcome.
Also, to avoid using patterns from designers that don't want to participate, please only enter patterns that:
* are public domain (usually this means old enough to be out of copyright)
* or whose designers have given permission to be used for this project

Questions? Want to check on HAT3000's progress or help test-crochet items?
Or are you a designer who wants to be credited as an awesome contributor - and gain the favor of our future yarn-wielding overlords?
Check out the thread at LSG:

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