Manama Hub Application Form
Applications Open: 20th November 2019
Early Bird Deadline: 15th December 2019
Final Deadline: 31st December 2019

The Global Shapers is a community of extraordinary young people in their 20s who are making a difference in their communities. The community provides young leaders with a global platform to shape the future – integrating the personal, community and global dimensions of leadership.

The local chapter of the Global Shapers Community is the Manama Hub. We are looking for extraordinary young or emerging leaders based in Bahrain with unique qualities that set them apart. The ideal Global Shaper possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated leadership ability with potential for growth, and a desire to improve the state of the world.

The Global Shapers community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

For further information:
- Must be 20-29 years old at time of application.

- Resident of Bahrain or have significant ties that would enable them to fully participate in the Community’s activities.

- Expected to have already demonstrated their creativity and ability, such as through launching or completing a major initiative, founding a company or organization, volunteering, or innovating within a major organization in a way that improves society at large.
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