Flutter News Toolkit Early Access Application

The Flutter News Toolkit is an easy-to-use template on which a news organization can build an app and includes blocks of sample code for common user interface and app functionalities. 

We worked closely with industry experts and news publishers across the world to understand the most critical features and user workflows for a news application, and incorporated the best practices from News Consumer Insights to help you achieve higher reader engagement and meet financial goals through the Flutter news toolkit. 

The Flutter News Toolkit includes critical features such as: 

  • User onboarding
  • Account creation/login
  • Content feeds and content pages
  • Analytics
  • Notifications 
  • Social sharing
  • Subscriptions
  • Ads

You can use these pre-integrated features out of the box, or easily modify and swap them with other functionalities that you prefer. 

Please fill out this form to request access. If accepted, you will be notified by email. 
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Do you agree to the following Early Access requirements:

1. You can not share the Flutter News Toolkit source code outside of your organization.

2. Flutter News Toolkit offers sample code for UI and integrations, but you need to complete the custom development work using in-house developers, or third-party agencies to launch the app. We can recommend agencies if you are interested. We also have Flutter learning resources if you want in-house developers to learn Flutter.

3. You understand that the Flutter News Toolkit might have bugs, and you are welcome to file bugs on GitHub once you get access to the private repository.  

4. You understand that the Flutter News Toolkit is a collection of sample code, and you can swap the existing sample integrations with other services you prefer, and modify any pre-integrated features as needed.

5. You can start development immediately, but must inform flutter-news-core-group@google.com before launching your app to avoid potential leak before the news toolkit general availability announcement
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