Rotary Club of Lee's Summit Scholarship
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Eligibility and Selection Criteria
The Rotary Club of Lee’s Summit gives out 8 scholarships each year. The scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1,000 per academic year ($2,000 maximum award) to pay for tuition, fees and/or books at one of the Metropolitan Community College campuses beginning in the fall following the student’s graduation from high school.
• Two scholarships are awarded (for a senior boy and a senior girl) to each public high school in Lee’s Summit.
• One scholarship is awarded to either a senior boy or girl from Summit Christian Academy.
• One scholarship is awarded to either a senior boy or girl from St. Michael the Archangel High School.
The college will be paid directly by the endowment for the benefit of the student with instructions regarding requirements and guidelines outlined below.

Eligibility Criteria: The student will--
1. be graduating from a LS public or private high school at the end of the spring semester during the year application is made.
2. be in good standing with their high school.
3. be planning to attend or already enrolled at Longview or any college in the Metropolitan Community College District for a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester.
4. certify that he or she has not received and accepted an appointment to a service academy or received and accepted a full (virtually all expenses paid) scholarship to any other institution of higher learning.
5. provide a copy of their transcript from the school’s Guidance office
6. sign an authorization for the college to send a copy of their transcript and the balance statement of the scholarship funds not yet spent to the Rotary Club of Lees Summit every semester until the scholarship funds are depleted.
7. sign an authorization to allow the use of their name and photograph in promoting or publicizing the endowment and scholarship.
8. use all of the scholarship funds within 3 academic years of graduation from high school. (Example—graduation in 2019, funds used by end of spring semester in 2022

Selection Criteria: The following factors shall be considered by the selection committee in choosing the students to receive the scholarships. These are not listed in order of importance, but are part of the cumulative evidence the selection committee will use to make their decision. All decisions by the selection committee are final.

1. Attendance
2. Community Service
3. Extracurricular Activities
4. Financial Need
5. Grade Point Average
6. Legibility and Clarity of application materials
7. 1 Letter of Recommendation from a school faculty, staff, or community member who knows the students well enough to provide an informed recommendation. Please submit only 1 letter. If more than one are received only the top letter will be read by the committee.
8. Work Experience

Responsibilities of the student once they have begun to use the scholarship. If these requirements are not met the money will return to the endowment. The student will:
1. maintain a 2.0 GPA for each semester while scholarship funds are being used.
2. enroll in at least 6 credit hours each semester while scholarship funds are being used
3. remain in good standing with the school
4. Provide a transcript to the committee until scholarship is depleted.

Instructions for completing application

1. Access the Google Drive form
2. Fill out each request for information. Leave no space blank. If you have no information to put in a space, please mark that space with an N/A.
3. Carefully check for spelling and grammar
4. Submit the form.
5. Send the letter of recommendation (or have it sent on your behalf) and a copy of your high school transcript to

Physical Copy
1. Obtain a copy of the application information and form from the Guidance Office
2. Fill out the form neatly by converting it into a word document (preserve the formatting) or by neatly block printing your answers in the spaces provided. Carefully check for spelling and grammar.
3. Return the form in an unsealed 9 x 12 or larger manila envelope. You may also include the letter of recommendation in the envelope if you have it in your possession.
4. Ask the Guidance Office to place the transcript (and letter of recommendation if it is not being shared with you) in the envelope.
5. A representative of Rotary will collect the envelopes on the morning after the deadline

Deadline: Monday, April 8, 2019
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