Canteen Drive
Beloved Community,

There is another outbreak of COVID19 at MCI-Framingham, and we are organizing to offer material support to sisters inside.

Thank you so much to all of your who contributed to our Mother's Day canteen drive. We have another opportunity to offer love and care to incarcerated women who have reached out to say they really canteen funds for basics like soap, tea, and phone calls. Women are doing the best they can to take care of themselves and each other while dealing with the spread of sickness and strict lockdowns in the worst possible environment.  

The only real solution is to release women from Framingham. Let's have their backs in this moment as we continue to fight for their freedom. #FreeHer

Here's what you can do:

1. Fill out this form. We'll email you back with the name and ID number of an incarcerated woman and where she is incarcerated. Please note our canteen drive is inclusive of trans women who may be incarcerated at prisons designated for men.

2. Go to and select Massachusetts. From the next drop-down menu that appears, select the agency where the person is incarcerated. If the person is in state prison (e.g. MCI-Framingham), select Massachusetts Department of Correction. If the person is in a county jail, select the county jail where they are incarcerated.

3. Enter the person's name and/or number.

4. Create a log in and use your DEBIT CARD to add $19.99 to the person's canteen. Please note - there is a service transaction fee of $2.95 to deposit the money. This is another way families are robbed when trying to support each other. Your debit card will be charged $22.. Please do NOT use a credit card - it will be processed as a cash advance and you will be charged exorbitant fees and interest.

5. Send a screen cap or forward the receipt confirming your contribution to to confirm.

We also encourage you to join us at our Canvass and Car Rally:

Thank you for supporting the sisterhood!

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