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LUMPS Grimmond & Oke (2002) JAM, Offerle et al. (2003) JAM, Loridan et al. (2011) JAMC
SUEWS Grimmond & Oke (1991) /Jarvi/Grimmond/Christen (2011) Journal of Hydrology/ Jarvi et al. GMD 2014 / Ward et al. (2016) Urban Climate
LUCY Allen et al. (2011) Int. J. Climatology; Lindberg et al. (2013) Urban Climate
Greater QF Iamarino et al. (2012) Int. J. Climatology
FRAISE Loridan & Grimmond (2012) J. Applied Meteorology & Climatology
SVF-ijc Sky view factor - Grimmond et al. Int. J. Climatology
SVF-got SVF based on Holmer et al. (2001)
SOLWEIG Lindberg et al. (2008) Thorsson et al. (2010) Lindberg & Grimmond (2010, 2011)
SEES Solar Energy from Existing Structures
PAC plan area calculator
SLUM Spectral Library of impervious Urban Materials (Kotthaus et al. 2014)
UMEP Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor
Tutorials UMEP tutorial data

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