FCAC Organizer Program Application
The Organizer Support Program is a new program hosted by the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition to give extra support and resources to leaders of our campaigns and working groups, whether you’re brand new to this work or have a bit of experience under your belt. This program is meant as a supplement to work with a working group or campaign to help you deepen your organizing skills, support you in working as a collaborative leader, and provide a community of practice for climate justice.

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Can you commit to a full-day initial training for this program and shorter subsequent monthly meet-ups? This commitment will run from fall of 2019 to spring of 2020. *
Are you excited to be an organizer for your team, and help take on the responsibilities that come with it? These include bottomlining the scheduling of meetings, overseeing group strategy development, and supporting & coordinating your team members *
Being a leader & organizer is a collaborative process! As such, we are asking that you communicate with team members about your application to this program and ask for at least two of them to sponsor your participation by filling out this form. https://forms.gle/4Q9YEDJ6ZoaKxxup9

Your successful fulfillment of an organizer role requires buy-in from others in the working group, and that is what this small task is meant to help facilitate. This should not be a burden but simply an incentive to take this responsibility on with accountability to your team!
Can you commit to getting at least two other team members to sponsor your participation in the facilitator support program by filling out this form? https://forms.gle/4Q9YEDJ6ZoaKxxup9 *
Support for non-FCAC efforts
As a program, we are focused on supporting the organizing efforts of the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, but we are also willing to share our resources and structure with organizations and campaigns in Fairbanks beyond just our members. There may be special arrangements to make in such cases but we are willing to work with you to make this happen.
For those people applying from organizations or campaigns outside of the FCAC membership, can you think of a potential mentor or other experienced organizer who would be willing to support you with regular check-ins and guidance?
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