2014 Cardinal Approval Ratings

For the sixth straight year I bring to you the Cardinal Approval Ratings. Basic premise: This is to judge how Cardinal Nation feels about the players and others that are associated with the club. You can use whatever criteria you want. You can base it all on what the person does on the field or in their job, or you can take into account personal interactions. Anything that makes up your opinion of the person is fair game.

Only rules--Please stay between 0 and 100. Numbers on either side will not be counted. If you don't want to express an opinion, skip it. If you put down 0, it will count as a 0 and lower the average. Please also stay to just two decimal points. Whole numbers are better, but I'll accept x.xx if you must.

There is a section after every group for comments. You do not have to comment on every player, but if you have something that would explain your selection or just a note you'd like to make on one or two of them, feel free. Comments may be used in the blog post revealing the ratings.

Scales are specific to the voter--a 50 for one person might be the same as a 80 for another. If you are looking for a guideline, though, use 70 as an a replacement-level opinion and adjust from there either positively or negatively.

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