Efficacy to Teach Engineering Practices in the Science Classroom (E2TEP) Instrument Development
You are invited to participate in a web-based online survey to develop a reliable and effective instrument that will assess preservice and in-service middle school science teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching engineering practices and applying the engineering design process in the science classroom. The instrument is called “Efficacy to Teach Engineering Practices” (E2TEP). The need for this instrument relates to implementing the current science reform, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) or your state’s adaptation of the NGSS. This is a research project being conducted by Vickie Grant, a doctoral student at Piedmont College in Athens, GA. The survey should take approximately 28 minutes to complete.

Your participation in this instrument development is voluntary. You may refuse to take part in the research or exit the survey at any time without penalty. You are free to decline to answer any particular question you do not wish to answer for any reason.

You will receive no direct benefits from participating in this research study. However, your responses may help us learn more about middle school science teachers’ readiness to teach engineering practices in the science classroom.

There are no foreseeable risks involved in participating in this study other than those encountered in day-to-day life.

Your answers will be stored in a password protected electronic format. The researcher does not collect identifying information such as your name, email address, or IP address from this survey. Therefore, your responses will remain anonymous. No one will be able to identify you or your answers, and no one will know whether or not you participated in the study. Participating in this instrument development has no impact on your teaching evaluation or school system evaluation. Online access is subject to licensing agreement of the survey provider.

If you have questions at any time about the study or the procedures, you may contact my research supervisor, Dr. William Nye via phone at 706-778-8500 X 1302 or via email at wnye@piedmont.edu. If you feel you have not been treated according to the descriptions in this form, or that your rights as a participant in research have not been honored during the course of this project, or you have any questions, concerns, or complaints that you wish to address to someone other than the investigator, you may contact the Piedmont College Institutional Review Board at 1-706-778-8500 x 1241 or email IRBapplications@piedmont.edu

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