Toph Training Contests Early Access
Toph has a new feature that allows you to organize training contests. The feature has been in use by a select few of the Bangladeshi programming contest community and we are not opening it up for early access to a broader audience.

Hosting a training contest is really easy. You can set up a training contest in a few minutes. You can learn more about how to do that here:

You can organize training contests for no cost on Toph as long as its participants are only from the same institution you are affiliated with.
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Final Tidbits
Toph Training Contests is in Early Access *
Please understand that this new Toph feature is currently in early access and may change over time. We will be looking forward to your feedback as you use this feature so that we can make improvements as necessary. Also, to make the feature fair for everyone to use, we have enforced a few soft limitations (e.g. you may organize up to 5 training contests every month). We will tweak these limitations and other related policies as we move forward.
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