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***Freight transit times are not guaranteed due to an increase in shipping demand as well as limited freight driver availability because of the pandemic. Your shipment may also go by intermodal (train and truck) transit. We've seen delays up to 3 weeks on some shipments going across the country. Quotes are good for 5 days after which we will need to update the freight quote to reflect current rates. If your order shows up and it is incorrect or incomplete DO NOT sign the Bill of Lading (BOL) upon delivery without contacting us first. Signing the BOL upon delivery means that the order as delivered was complete/correct, and KiS Organics can take no further action to resolve any issues.***
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If you are located in a residential neighborhood, please select "residential". Additionally, if you are located on a farm, also select "residential." Commercial addresses must be located in commercially zoned areas.
Is a lift-gate required to unload the order?  This service will incur an additional charge. *
Lift-gates are only available on orders that are less than a full truckload. A lift-gate will bring the soil to the ground, and deliver it CURBSIDE ONLY. If a lift-gate is not required, the customer must provide means to unload the order from the truck bay (for example, by having a forklift on site for unloading).
Please select which products you would like to purchase, and specify the desired size(s).
* Our Commercial Grower's Mix has a minimum purchase volume of 10 yards.
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Biochar Soil
Water Only
Veggie Mix
Yards (see below)
1.5 cu ft. bags (see below)
If you are purchasing yards of one or more products, please specify how many yards of those product(s) you would like to order.
For example: "I would like to purchase four yards of Biochar Soil" or "I would like to purchase three yards of Water Only soil and two yards of Veggie mix". NOTE - The minimum purchase volume for the Grower's Mix is 10 yards.
If you are purchasing 1.5 cubic feet bags of one or more products, please specify how many 1.5 cubic feet bags of those product(s) you would like to order. NOTE - Commercial Grower's Mix is not available to purchase in 1.5 cu. ft. bags.
For example: "I would like to purchase six 1.5 cu ft. bags of Veggie mix of Biochar Soil" or "I would like to purchase one cu ft. bag of Water Only soil and three 1.5 cu. ft. bags  of Biochar soil".
Are there specific delivery times that you prefer? *
Additional Instructions
Please provide any us with any additional information specific to your order. For example, this is where we should be given the instruction that the driver should contact the customer prior to delivery.
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