Plymouth Student Landords COVID19 responses
Plymouth Student Rent Strike Group are collecting reviews of, university, landlord, and letting agency responses for the benefit of future student tenants in Plymouth.

Responses to this form may be shared with Cribadvisor ( to build a larger database of landlord's reactions
Which provider are you reviewing *
If other, what is the name of your agency/ landlord?
Have you left your accomodation due to the COVID19 pandemic? *
How responsive have your accommodation provider been to to your communications with them? *
Very unresponsive
Very responsive
How understanding have your accommodation provider been in addressing your concerns? *
Not understanding at all
Very understanding
How willing have your accommodation provider been to negotiate the terms of your tenancy? *
Not at all willing
Very willing
Have your accommodation provider given students the opportunity to cancel their contracts or waived rent payments? *
If no, have your accommodation provider offered any rent reductions?
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On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your providers overall reaction to the COVID19 pandemic? *
Very poor
Very good
Do you have any more comments about your providers response?
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