Region Officer Application
This is your opportunity to serve FCCLA by running for a region office. The election process for region Family, Career and Community Leaders of America offices will be the same in all five regions. The election will occur during the Friday afternoon House of Delegates meeting at the region conference. Immediately following, a nominating committee will interview officers and place the candidates in offices based on qualifications identified through interview, speech, test, and application.

Election of the following seventeen region FCCLA offices will be held:

Vice President of Achievement
Vice President of Competitive Events (2)
Vice President of Correspondence
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Membership
Vice President of Parliamentary Law
Vice President of Peer Involvement
Vice President of Programs
Vice President of Projects
Vice President of Public Relations
Vice President of Records
Vice President of Service Learning
State Officers (3)

What is expected of FCCLA Officers:
• Secure support of family, chapter and school administrators before seeking office.
• Buy or provide standard uniform (approximately $150 – $200).
Females: black slacks, black skirt, nude pantyhose, 2 white oxford shirts, 1 tie/scarf and red jacket, khaki slacks, black sheath dress
Males: black slacks, 2 white oxford shirts, 1 tie and red jacket, khaki slacks
• Be active in local chapter.
• Be responsible for make-up work for missed school days due to FCCLA events.
• Encourage leadership development in others by delegating responsibilities and supporting activities of individuals
and chapter.
• Establish a personal calendar. Meet all due dates/deadlines by planning ahead.
• Attendance at region leadership and executive council meeting in June (advisors must be present at executive council).
• Conduct leadership training seminars in the fall for local chapter members.
• Assume and carry out responsibilities for region and state meetings.
• Send copies of correspondence to region or state advisors and others designated.
• Give officer notebook/file box directly to new officer at the region/state meeting.
• Give advisor notebook/file directly to new advisor at the region/state meeting.
• Write correspondence for all meetings.
• Attend one region meeting in addition to your own.

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