Operation 50/50 Nomination: Women Experts Working in Global Health Security
Diverse perspectives matter in every setting!

Gender equality makes global health stronger. Join Women in Global Health and Women of
Color Advancing Peace and Security in supporting equitable representation in global health
security decision-making.

In failing to give women a seat at the decision-making table, governments and international agencies trying to solve crises like COVID-19:
1) miss out on critical expertise because they aren’t leveraging the entire global health security talent pool
2) miss out on the gender dimensions of health emergencies, including the role of women in health care provision, the differences in disease transmission and outcomes between the sexes, and gender-based disparities in the way the sick seek medical care
3) are more likely to overlook the wider consequences of epidemics on reproductive, maternal and child health, such as lack of access to maternal and neonatal care, feminine hygiene products and contraception products
4) miss out on leveraging the vast networks of women in affected countries who are part of the solution to containing the virus.

Women in Global Health and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security are working to change this disconnect between vulnerability and representation in health security. This roster of expert women will include those who are working to strengthen global, regional, national, and local capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to outbreaks.

Are you a woman working in health security or do you know another woman working in this space? Are you an ally to elevate women?

If so, use the form below to nominate/be nominated to be part of our roster of Women Leaders in Health Security.

Eligibility Criteria:

8+ years experience in the fields of global health security and infectious disease outbreaks demonstrated through a combination of peer recognition, appointments, field work, publications, leadership positions, consultancies, lectureships, and conference speaking - while sensitive to the systemic barriers women and their intersecting identities experience in accessing these positions.

Self-nominations are welcome; please provide YOUR email address below and fill out the rest of the form with the nominee's information.
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