Savage Henry Magazine Survey
Changes may be on the horizon and in order to navigate them in a way that doesn't piss you, our loyal readers -- or at least loyal looker-atters -- off, we'd like your input. We are just trying to gather thoughts, not spam you later or give a crap about your profession or age or sex life, skip any questions that bother you. We are just trying to move the business forward. And we'll send you a sticker if you want one when you are done.
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In which city/town/area do you get your Savage Henry Magazine?
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What's the name of the store/bar/restaurant etc. where you usually pick up Savage Henry Magazine? (If different spots most every month, just write "different")
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How often do you read Savage Henry?
How long have you read Savage Henry?
How did you find Savage Henry?
How many people have you turned on to Savage Henry?
Rate the articles you read in Savage Henry
Super Gosh Darn Funny
Rate the comics/cartoons you see in Savage Henry
Sketch artist rendition of a horrible crime
Picasso and Van Gogh are jealous
Would you pay for Savage Henry Magazine?
How much would you pay for a copy of Savage Henry?
How would you buy your Savage Henry?
"I'd pay for Savage Henry Magazine if..."
Have you ever purchased anything from our advertisers?
Have you ever listened to a Savage Henry Podcast?
What's a podcast?
I've listened to everyone and really want you to make more.
Would you contribute to a crowdfunding campaign for Savage Henry?
If you answered yes, to previous question... would you really contribute?
How much would you contribute to a one-time crowd funding campaign like Kickstarter? (if answered "no" to previous contribute question please skip ahead)
Would you contribute to a monthly crowdfunding campaign like Patreon? If yes, how much?
Do you work in the cannabis industry?
Do you collect Savage Henry Magazine?
How often do you visit ?
There's a website?
Have you ever been to a Savage Henry comedy show?
If there was a Savage Henry comedy show in your area would you attend?
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