Registration for Sound Therapy for Children/Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Sri Renuka Devi Mantra Initiation - Gnanalayam Pondicherry
This is the registration form to be submitted for participating in the Sound Therapy (Sri Renuka Devi Mantra Initiation). Once we receive your entry, we will contact you separately over WhatsApp and add you to a dedicated WhatsApp group. All other details about the initiation and follow up will be shared in the group.

Initiation will be given live over Zoom on Sunday, 19 December 2021 5 PM - 6 PM India Time. Your child needs to be present in the same room though they can be engaged in other activities if their attention span is low.

* Do note that Autism is not a curable condition but the symptoms can be managed/reduced with the right interventions.
* This Initiation is a Sound Therapy and will help to manage the difficulties faced by the child.
* This Initiation is completely free of charge and offered with the highest divine intentions to help the parents and autistic children.
* Participants are free to discontinue anytime during the process if they feel so and there is no compulsion towards anything.
* It is advisable for parents/primary caretakers to also receive the Initiation so that they can effectively take part in the Sound Therapy along with their child.

For any queries, you are welcome to reach out to
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Is either of the parent (or caretaker/relative) Liberated at Gnanalayam? If so, please mention the parent's name and Circle. *
It is advisable for parents/primary givetakers to also receive the Mantra Initiation so that they can effectively take part in the Sound Therapy along with their child. Please let us know who will that be? If interested, both parents (or the caretakers) may also take the mantra initiation along with the child. Please give their Name and Age. Do note that pregnant ladies should not receive the Sound Therapy Initiation. *
Soul Liberation is a Meditative Divine process followed after Mantra Initiation for adults above 21 years to liberate oneself from the continuous cycle of birth and death. If interested, parents/caregivers who receive the Mantra Initiation can inform us to be included in the Soul Liberation as well.
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