FAUCET conference attendance survey
We are planning the first FAUCET conference, in the San Francisco Bay Area, October 18th to 20th, 2017.

The conference will include workshops on experiences with/how to run FAUCET in production in campus environments, how to get started developing with and supporting and operating FAUCET SDN networks (including eduroam/WiFi, IPv6), as well as FAUCET applications (such as cybersecurity and cyber RFP).

The conference will also include a vendor PlugFest event on the 18th. The multivendor FAUCET network will remain in place for the entire conference so that users and switch vendors can work with actual FAUCET use cases. Internet access at the conference will of course be provided by a FAUCET controlled network.

To help us plan, we would like to survey possible attendance numbers and any other topics/workshops of interest.

Are there FAUCET topics/use cases you are specifically interested in learning more about at the conference (optional)?
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