Young Entrepreneur
Please submit this form to apply for the Young Entrepreneur Program. Hannah Bianchi, the Harbor Springs Farmers Market Master will be in contact with you.

Young Entrepreneurs are provided a tent, weights, and a table. All other display equipment, signage, cash/change, and products are the responsibility of the young entrepreneur.

Please arrive between 8:00-8:30am. Your tent and table will be set up, or placed in the designated location prior to your arrival. Vehicles must be off the street no later than 8:45. Parking downtown Harbor Springs is free. Most vendors park further down Main Street, in the Church lot, or on Third Street. Market is open from 9am-1pm, guest vendors are held to the same standards as full time vendors, so may not leave early.

At this time, masks are required by vendors for the full duration of the market.

In the event of dangerously heavy rain, wind or lightning occurring after the market opens for the day, vendors will be asked to stop selling and take cover. They can choose to leave or remain until the situation clears or until market is called. Rescheduling due to weather in not guaranteed.
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