United Presbyterian Church Member Survey
The Session of the United Presbyterian Church of Pottsville has established a Transformation Team to explore Pottsville’s present and future ministry options. The team has been hard at work assessing the church family, the community in which she is situated and now wishes to hear from you, her members. Please complete the following questionnaire by December 15th to assist us with the task we have assumed: to present viable options for the church heading into the future. Please complete one survey per member, not one per household. If you have any questions, please contact Kate Zimmerman at 570-640-8023 or Becky Matz at 570-640-6026.
Name (First and Last) *
What year were you born?
Would you currently consider yourself an active participant at the United Presbyterian Church of Pottsville? (UPC)
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If you answered no to the question above, would anything cause you to re-engage?
Approximately how many years have you been participating with UPC?
Are you currently attending our virtual services (Zoom or Facebook)?
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If you are not participating virtually, why not?
If you are attending our virtual services, do you enjoy them?
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Why do you enjoy the virtual service? OR Why don't you enjoy the virtual service?
What do you believe are UPC's most valuable assets?
What are the three most important things that UPC offers you personally?
Please state what you believe the mission of UPC should be.
Do you feel engaged in the church?
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Why do you feel engaged? OR Why do you not feel engaged?
In what ways could the church assist you or your family?
In what ways would you be willing to assist the church?
If you could select three ways to meaningfully engage and walk alongside your neighbors and assist them, what would they be? (Examples: Assist with food, housing needs, childcare, fight for human rights, help for trafficked women, assisting those with disabilities, tutoring, care for elders, assistance to those who are addicted, etc.)
Would you be comfortable joining forces with other churches in the surrounding area to engage in ministry alongside them?
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Why or why not?
Would you be willing to change our sanctuary appearance (making it more accessible) if ministry needs required us to do so?
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Do you have any comments about changing the appearance of the sanctuary?
Would you be open to leasing our building to additional businesses and/or not-for-profits as a way of subsidizing the budget?
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Would you be open to selling our building in order to buy, lease, or build a more physically accessible venue?
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Do you have any additional comments about leasing or selling the building?
What would be missed if UPC was closed tomorrow?
What would you like the Transformation Team to know that we have not asked?
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