RuDASA Snap Survey 1 COVID-19 Awareness
This survey is to gather information on rural preparedness for the COVID-19 epidemic so that we can identify areas of need of RuDASA support. It is very quick - only 11 multiple choice questions. Please only complete this form if you work in a rural health facility eg hospital, clinic, or health centre.

If you need support, help or guidance please complete the last box and include your email address.

Good luck for the coming months!


24th March 2020

What is your profession? *
Your Rural Health Facility is in which Province *
What is your main source of information on COVID-19 *
Does your hospital have a COVID-19 plan? *
Will your hospital be able to carry out the COVID-19 Clinical Management Guidelines *
Tick the departments in the Hospital that have a Department COVID-19 plan *
Is your hospital compliant with the COVID Hospital Readiness Checklist *
How confident are you about the decision making by: *
Not confident at all
Somewhat confident
As well as can be expected at this stage
Very Confident
Minister of Health
Provincial Department of Health
District Management
Health Facility Management
Which geographical area will be most affected by the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa? *
Will your health facility cope with the burden on resources due to an influx of COVID-19 cases? *
Who supported you at the beginning of the epidemic? *
If you want help or guidance from RuDASA please give your email address & subdistrict
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