High School Fall Confirmation Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation! Classes through the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry are intended for High School Students who are seeking *only* the Sacrament of Confirmation (you must have completed your Baptism and First Communion. If you are in need of these other sacraments as well, please contact the Religious Education department). We are still in the process of putting together our classes for the Fall. Please fill out this form so that we know how to better serve your family's needs.

Classes in the Fall will start in September, and prepare for a ceremony in 2021. Classes have traditionally been held on Wednesdays.

Classes will be going through the Fall & Winter of 2020/2021. Even with restrictions lifting, there is still question about in-person classes- but also burnout on remote options. For Confirmation Classes in the Fall, we are looking at one of three options:

1) In-person classes once per week. We could be following all public health guidelines for in-person classes at the time of the classes (including distancing, masks, hand washing, class size limitations). Classes would likely be an hour and a half long.

2) Remote classes. These would be Zoom discussions once a week, no more than an hour and a half long.

3) A hybrid of both- in person classes for the warmer months of September & October, switching to remote in November, December, & January, possibly switching back to in-person if we are given the green-light by public health officials.

All options will include take-home homework and supplemental materials. Class fee will be $50 per student.

Please indicate your preferences below. When we have made our final decisions, we will contact you and send out the registrations then if you are still wanting to continue with classes with us for the 2020/2021 year. Your responses will help us decide, but does not guarantee that we will be able to offer the choice you have selected. Be aware that public health guidelines may change any and all of of our offerings at any time, and also when the Confirmation ceremony may occur- but we will do our best to prepare your candidates for the earliest or next best available ceremony in 2021.

As a note, we will still offer the Summer Confirmation classes in Summer 2021, and Fall Confirmation classes next year, if this year's offerings do not work for your family.
Select ALL OF THE OPTIONS that would work for your family:
Classes are traditionally held on Wednesdays once a week. For IN-PERSON classes, looking at the different ways in which school will be held in your districts, please indicate ALL OF THE OPTIONS that would work for your family.
Classes are traditionally held on Wednesdays once a week. For REMOTE classes, looking at the different ways in which school will be held in your districts, please indicate ALL OF THE OPTIONS that would work for your family.
If we did the Hybrid In-Person and Remote Classes, we would likely re-assess the time of the classes at the time that we were switching from in-person to remote- trying to keep the consistency, but also looking at what options the schools may be offering or how gatherings may/may not be affected. Please indicate whether or not you would like this option to be that flexible, or if you would prefer that it remain half in-person, half- remote (or wouldn't prefer that option at all)
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Name of Parent/Guardian
Phone Number
Name and Age of Candidate
We will use the above contact information to let you have the first chance to register for classes when the schedule has been finalized. THIS IS NOT A REGISTRATION. We are awaiting the final decisions of the school districts to make sure we are able to work the most efficiently with the new schedules. This should happen around the second week of July. Let us know if there is anything else that you think would be important to know in our planning for the next semester of Confirmation classes.
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Have further questions or concerns, something to bring up?
Thank you for taking the time to fill out our interest form. How can we pray for you and your family in this time of waiting?
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