Reactivity Assessment

My name is Andrea and I work exclusively with the guardians of reactive dogs. You can read about me HERE.

My signature program, the Calm Canine Program, a 4-month online program that coaches guardians on how to work WITH their dogs so you both can get less stress and more relaxation - all while building a closer bond.

I understand how embarrassing, frustrating, and isolating having a reactive dog can be. That is why I created the CCP. I used to be in the exact same position, and found a way to increase confidence and reduce stress for my reactive dog.  And now we enjoy relaxing walks without me being hyper vigilant and more dog naps throughout the day instead of barking at neighborhood sounds. I am on a mission to help people like you do the same.

The CCP helps dogs who:

- Lunge and bark at people and/or dogs while on walks
-Pace and whine in the car, or avoid getting in the car
-Bark and jump on guests you have in your home
-React and bark at neighborhood noises or things out the window
-Chase other animals
-React to skateboards and bicycles

....And more.

If you want to know if the CCP is right of you and your dog, please initiate the process by filling out this survey. (It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete). I will take a few days to review your responses and then get back to you with the next steps.  

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