Games and Movie Night in The Garden + A day of Fun Registration
Games and Movie Night + Day of Activities in the Garden

Event Date and Time: 6:00pm Friday 28th June - 4:00pm Saturday 29th June 2019

Event Cost:
Contact us at: Phone/What's App: (+1868) 684-3524 | Email:

As part of our mission to promoting PEACE | HUMILITY | APPRECIATION of Life.
The aim of this event is to promote family and friendly vibes as an alternative for the typical Friday night lime. Families, friends, loners, groups, teams and yes kids of all ages are welcome.


Upon entry, everyone MUST bring an empty plastic bottle to plant a seed and a can of food for donation to the needy.

We have dinner and a movie.
We have some intimate fun in smaller groups whether it be board games, Red Light, Green Light 1 2 3, Simon Says, Mother May I? etc(The games we used to play).
Next day we do some yoga, have breakfast, plant a tree and chill in the pool or go on an adventure.
Dinner, cutters, breakfast and lunch is provided(Meat eaters as well as Vegetarians- Lacto/Lacto Ovo/Vegans will be catered to).

You are invited to join us for a night and day of fun and activities in the garden.

The venue is a private venue in Chaguaramas.
The venue location and directions will be sent to you (our patrons who made payments and registered for the event) the day before the event.

Activities for the of the Event:
Arrival: 5pm to 8pm. The gate to the entrance road will be closed at 8pm.
In very rare cases we will send someone to open it as it’s far from the campsite.

Dinner will start bing served at 7pm and we will like everyone to be present at this time. After that your food will get cold as there is no microwave.

1. Introduction and Safety Induction.
2. Allocation and Tent Set Up.
3. Outdoor Movie ( PG13) and BBQ Dinner for adults and hotdog/chicken nuggets for kids.
4. Outdoor Movie (Rated E) simultaneously with
5. Bonfire with campfire tales- local folklore.
6. Cutters Included(Geera Neck, Chicken Foot Souse)
7. Games: Ludo, Pictionary, Trinidad Game, All Fours, Monopoly, etc. No gambling for $.
8. Sleep.
9. Wake up everyone at 5:00am - 6:00am by beating a pan/ringing a bell.
10. Nature Walk for 15 Minutes then Spring Water Shower) then return to the open court for.
11. Yoga Session for 1 Hour done by the High Commission of India and Anugraha Yoga Studio
12. Breakfast Included (Bread/Bake and Saltfish/Eggs/Bodi).
13. Plant a tree(Main Purpose of event). Every person is required to participate in the planting of a tree, this should not take more than 30 minutes. If not interested, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER OR MAKE PAYMENT FOR THE EVENT.
14. There will be a mobile set up by Spa Rajeunir who will offer massages at a reasonable price.
15. Chill in the hut/tent/by the pool/Take a swim in the pool(Just have fun)
16. Lunch(Dumplings/Provision and Stew Chicken/Curry Duck)
17. You can then go Zip-lining, Trail Biking, Visit the Eco Safari Park and Feed the camels etc
18. Everybody Clean Up
19. Just do whatever till time 5:00pm(Time to leave).
20. Depart from the venue.

-You are welcome to bring your own tent/sleeping bags etc.
-Sleeping/Camping Area is away from games area to allow sleeping persons to rest without noise.
-Alco is welcomed is small portions. More like a beers(Do NOT come here to get drunk, the police will remove you).
-Swimming Pool- Take a dip under the stars.
-Styrofoam not welcomed at this event.
-Bring Yoga Mats/Towels/Blankets etc.
-Cars are parked close by in a the fenced property.
-Food Inclusive(Dinner, cutters, breakfast and lunch).
-Drinks not included therefore walk with your drinks for your entire stay.
-Walk with your own cups, containers to eat in, spoons, forks etc(No Plastic/Single Use items).
-all biodegradable trash will he placed by you in the compost heap.
-seedlings and manure etc will be provided by us for you.
-we will be at the beginning of the rainy season therefore you must walk with stuff to secure your belongings if it rains.
- bring thing to make chow for everyone
-if you have fruits/access to fruits, bring in abundance to share.
-you are welcome to bring additional eats and drinks.
-it’s a shuttle lime not a wine and jam!
- no illegal substances allowed.
- no obscene language
-no unruly behaviour
-we promote carpooling so try to come with friends and use less parking space.
-toilet facilities will be provided.

-If you require transportation, we can arrange a maxi from Port of Spain to and from the event.

Bring along:
-An extra change of clothing and footwear just Incase it rains(remains in vehicle)
-Bring your own food and extra light refreshments(optional) we will also provide.
-Insect repellant
- Beach Towels/Blanket/ Exercise mats(once it can be folded very small and light)
-Personal medication as you may require.
-extra plastic bags for your garbage
-ziplock bags/water proof cases for your electronic items in case of rain.
-Footwear: ANYTHING
Secure everything inside your bags so if it rains your belongings will not get wet.

We look forward to taking you on this adventure with us.

This event is almost sold out! Your spot is only confirmed upon payment.

Tents and sleeping bags rental must be paid together with event fee.
Early bird spots: SOLD OUT!
Adults: $300 per person(12 years and over)
Kids: $150 each child(4years to 11years)

Late bird:
Adults: $350 per person(12 years and over)
Kids: $200 each child(4years to 11years)

For Rent(while stocks last):
Tents(2-4 Persons): $100 each tent
Sleeping Bags: $50 Each
A security deposit of $200 for 1 tent and 1-2 sleeping bags must be paid at collection on the day. Any additional sleeping bag will be additional $50 security deposit for each. This will be returned to you at the end of the event when you return the tents and sleeping bags in same condition which you received it.
In the case of damage or destruction of either tent or sleeping bag. There will be no refund/reimbursement.

Book your spot now:



Bank Information:
First Citizens Bank
Account Type: Savings
Account Name: IFIT WORLD
Account number: 2479250

Proof of payment:

Please take a clean sharp photograph of the stamped deposit slip/receipt and send to us via any of the following means:
- What’s App: +18686843524
- email:
- Facebook DM: IFit World
- Instagram DM: @ifitworld

If you call and don’t get through, please send a WhatsApp to Email.

Once you booked it is understood that you agree to our Cancellation Policy stated below.

All payments made for this particular event is non-refundable. Be certain about attending before making payments.


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