Cloud Infrastructure & Platform (IaaS & PaaS) Pricing
There are a lot of cloud infrastructure and platform providers out there, and they all use a variety of pricing models. We are trying to understand which pricing models are resonating with users, and how much influence pricing has with their cloud platform decision making. We would like to hear from you if you have worked with cloud platforms in the past, are a current user, or are considering using a cloud platform in the future. Note: You will be able to see responses after taking the survey.
Your Experience with Cloud Platforms
First, we want to know just a bit about your experience with IaaS & PaaS providers
Have you used a cloud infrastructure or platform provider for an application you had a part in?
Have you used any of the following cloud providers? Check all that you have used - if you have used another one that is not listed, please use the Other option to let us know
What is the highest level of involvement you have had in making the decision to use a cloud provider?
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