Crossing Lines Lebanon Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Crossing Lines team in our trip to Lebanon this Fall.
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In 150-200 words, please write a statement of motivation answering the question: Why do I want to join Crossing Lines in Lebanon? (Relax, if it is 247 words... that's fine too. :) ) *
Crossing Lines is a grassroots organization and is not able to offer financial support to its volunteers. Can you support yourself financially on this trip? *
Cross-Cultural Experiences
The next section of the application form will ask for your cross-cultural experiences.These do not need to be experiences in an international setting, just meaningful interactions between yourself and someone of a different cultural background.

While it is not necessary to have cross-cultural or international experience to volunteer with Crossing Lines, there are certain skills that are gained through intercultural exchanges.

If Crossing Lines Lebanon is your first experience in a cross cultural setting, we would like to support you accordingly. If you have already gained intercultural communication skills and/or living abroad experiences, there may be leadership roles available for you.

Essentially, we are looking to gather a team of motivated, flexible, empathetic people with a variety of skills to contribute.

Please identify a cross-cultural experience that brought you joy. How did this moment appear in your life? OR Did it change you as a person?
Please name a moment of cross-cultural awkwardness you experienced. How did you overcome that moment? OR What did you learn from the experience? *
What countries have you visited in the last five years? Please share the country's name, the purpose and duration of your stay. (If you have been backpacking for long trips, you may count the trip as one experience.)
Have you traveled in the Middle East previously? If so, please provide a brief description, if not covered in the previous question.
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