CECS Scholarship Application

California State University Northridge
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Annual Scholarship Program

To apply for a scholarship, please carefully read and follow the directions below.

1. Complete the following application form fully and accurately before submission. The application deadline is Monday, March 2, 2015.

2. You must ask two members of the faculty to submit recommendations on your behalf. One recommendation must be from a member of the CECS faculty and the second can be from a faculty member on campus, high school, or community college. A link to the recommendation letter form may be found at http://goo.gl/cpjtTE. After securing approval from your references, please email the recommendation form link to them along with your full name, your major and your CSUN student ID. The two people making the recommendations must send the completed form directly to the College of Engineering and Computer Science Student Services Center, JD 1501. It is your responsibility to ensure that the recommendations have been submitted. Applications lacking the two recommendations will not be considered.

3. You must submit a printed copy of your current unofficial transcript and DPR (if undergraduate student) to the College of Engineering and Computer Science Student Services Center, JD 1501. Verify that your student records are complete before submission. This includes checking your DPR to make sure that all of your transfer work has been evaluated and recorded. If your records are incomplete, it is your responsibility to request any missing information from your previous institution and attach it to your DPR. Applications with incomplete records will not be considered.

4. Do not underestimate the importance of your essay, and pay particular attention to grammar as well as content. Your essay will determine your overall qualification to receive a scholarship.

5. Applications lacking any of the above information will not be considered.


- Before you fill in the application, please prepare all needed information including your personal statement. The application is an online form and cannot be saved.
- Most scholarships require applicants to have completed a minimum of two semesters at CSUN as a regular, full-time declared engineering or computer science major at the end of the Spring 2015 semester. However, few scholarships are reserved for first time freshman and/or returning students.
- All undergraduate scholarship recipients must carry a minimum of 12 units/semester throughout the Fall and Spring semesters of the 2015-2016 academic year. Graduate scholarship recipients must carry a minimum of 6 units during each term of the same academic year.
- Scholarship recipients who do not carry the required minimum number of units or who change to a major outside of the College of Engineering and Computer Science will forfeit their awards.