Boston Junior Derby Fall 2019 Session Registration
Thank you for your interest in Boston Junior Roller Derby!

Boston Junior Derby is open to girls and non-binary youth ages 7-17, and offers a fun and safe environment to learn roller derby from some of Boston Roller Derby's very own skaters. Our schedule for the fall session is as follows:

-Tuesday September 24 - Saturday November 16-

Tuesdays 6-7:30 Intros (Practice)
Wednesdays 6-7:30 Level 1 (Practice)
Thursdays 6-7:30 Level 2 & 3 (Practice)
Saturdays 11-12:30 Levels 1, 2, 3 (Practice/Scrimmage)
Saturdays 12:30 - 2 Intros (Practice)

If this is your child's first time you will be register for the INTROS SESSION, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

---What to expect from Intros---

In Intros, skaters will learn the foundations of safe roller skating and the basic rules and game play of roller derby, including falling safely, stopping safely, balancing, building speed, and learning control. There is no contact in Intros.

About halfway through the session we'll start playing "sock derby," in which the skaters will run mock roller derby games in their shoes to get a better understanding of the game. At this point, they usually don't have enough control to safely skate together, but we'd like them to start thinking about how the game works.

The price of a full session is $165. BJD is committed to being accessible to children of all socioeconomic levels, so if the cost of this session is prohibitive, please note in the registration form and we can work something out! We do not want cost to prevent any skaters from participating! You will be invoiced seperately for your sessions once your registration is complete.

There are no mandatory attendance requirements at BJD, but it is highly encouraged that skaters come to as many practices as they can. We try to incorporate new skills pretty regularly and repeated absences can make it harder to keep up, and may impact play time at the more advanced levels.

We also ask that everyone try to arrive before the practice start time to gear up before we begin warm ups. We know this can be a difficult time to be on the roads in the city so we understand that this isn't always feasible, but when possible it really helps us not to have skaters coming in late and needing extra time to then gear up.

---Skates and equipment---

Safety is our number one priority, so all skaters must be properly equipped before they're allowed to participate on skates.
This includes:

Helmet - Must fit snug and cover the forehead to the base of their heads.
Elbow pads - Must be snug enough to not slip when they skate.
Knee pads - Must be snug enough to not slip when they skate, but not so tight that it's hard for them to hold their legs bent.
Wrist guards - Must cover the palm and wrist and fit snugly.
Mouthguard - Must be molded to fit their mouths.
Quad roller skates - Skates need to fit fairly tight, not so tight that it hurts their feet, but loose skates are more likely to cause blisters and are harder to control. Wheels should have a durometer around 86a-96a (different skaters prefer different wheel hardnesses - this is about a middle range. It's fine to use other wheels, but overly soft wheels will make it difficult to coast and hard wheels have a lot more slip which can be harder for new skaters to control).

Skaters will not be able to wear their skates in our space without all of their protective gear on, even the mouthguards. No exceptions.

We do have some rentals available for skaters to try before buying their own gear, but we do have limited supplies in smaller sizes. They will all need to purchase their own mouthguards.

We highly recommend making the trip to Bruised Boutique in Nashua to purchase skater packages. They are an incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff so they'll be able to make sure all of your skaters' gear fits appropriately. Tell them you're with BJD to get our league discount!

We also recommend thin mouthguards, like Sisu, or dentist-molded guards, as these types tend to be more comfortable and easier to speak and breath with, which makes it easier for skaters to keep them properly in place.

If you are ready to take steps towards registering your child please fill out this google form to express your interest in the spring sessions. If you're signing up multiple skaters, please submit a separate form for each. We also use a platform called TeamSnap for skater registration and payment, as well as team communication. In this google form you will be asked to provide a parent/guardian email, and we will then send the TeamSnap registration link to that email. Please be prepared to provide a photo of your child, and to print, sign, and upload (a photo works) a few waivers. You will be asked for your child's health and insurance information. Your child will not be able to participate until this registration is complete.

Once again thank you for your interest! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to
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