New Workshop Application Form - Transfer School Conference 2017
Use this form to submit an application to lead a new* workshop at the 2017 Transfer School Conference, sponsored by the NYC DOE Office of Postsecondary Readiness and by Eskolta School Research and Design. The conference will be held on June 8th from 8:00am to 3:20pm at Brandeis High School campus at 145 W 84th St. in Manhattan.

If you have any questions, please contact Savanna Honerkamp-Smith at or (917) 388-3389, ext. 201

*If you are interested in repeating your workshop from a past year, please use this form instead:

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Your Workshop Proposal
For now, you need only submit a basic proposal of your idea. If your application is accepted, you will be paired with a Conference Advisor who will support you as you structure your workshop and refine your ideas during the months leading up to the conference.

Your workshop should focus on a particular promising practice that is being used successfully in one or more transfer schools that you have personal experience with. You should plan to share information on the practice along with evidence from your experience with it and provide an opportunity for workshop participants to explore ways they might implement the practice in their own schools.

To see suggestions from feedback on past workshops and a sample workshop protocol, follow this link:

Student Involvement Encouraged
Student participation in past years' workshops has provided valuable insights and perspective about student engagement and school improvement. We are eager to bring in additional student voice to our workshops and encourage you to consider inviting a few of your students to:
- Present on their experiences with the practice you have been using;
- Co-facilitate a portion of the workshop; or
- Join in the discussions as participants to share their perspectives.

Please let us know if this sounds like something you are interested in doing, even if you don't have any students confirmed yet.

Will your workshop feature any students?
How long will your workshop be?
NOTE: We have filled slots for 90-minute workshops and currently can only accommodate 60-minute sessions. We may request a workshop be offered twice during the day if demand is high.
Proposed workshop title
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Description for the program
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Call to review your application
As part of the selection process, you will be asked to discuss your proposal with an educator from a transfer school serving as a Conference Advisor. Please provide 3 time/date options between February 27 and March 29 that you would have available for a 30-minute phone interview.
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Please provide the NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of your Principal or Program Director (or one that you have worked with, for non-school-based applicants) so we can contact him/her for a reference.
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Additional comments
Note: If you have supporting documents you would like to submit, you are ahead of the game! Feel free to email these to Savanna at and she will share them with your Conference Advisor in advance of your scheduled phone call. If you do not have supporting documentation yet it will not be held against you.
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