2018 OHF BoD: Self-nomination form
Self-nomination form for the 2018 Open Humans Foundation Board of Directors elections.

Information about our current board of directors, bylaws, and standing rules are available on our website: http://openhumansfoundation.org/standing-rules.html

This application does not guarantee candidacy: a self-nomination will also need to be seconded by a current voting Director to be a "qualified candidate".

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Link title + URL for any personal website(s), social media accounts, projects, etc. that you'd like to share. Also shared publicly.
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Reminder: Second by current board member
Self-nomination does not guarantee candidacy. To be a qualified candidate, your candidacy will need to be seconded by a current member of the Board of Directors. (Current board members do not need this!) Board members may support multiple candidates.

The list of applicants will be shared with board members to enable support for candidates not already familiar with a current board member.

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