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The Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) Speakers Bureau seeks engaging professionals to present on topics relevant to library staff in Pennsylvania. Topics presented should reflect current trends in libraries or subjects of interest, and contribute to the professional development of librarians. If you are interested in becoming a member of the PaLA Speakers Bureau, please see the additional criteria below and complete our submission form.

• It is important that all presentations be informative, engaging, and well-presented.
• Content should be relevant to Pennsylvania libraries. No presentation should conflict with the mission & values of the Pennsylvania Library Association.
• Presenters must provide evaluative feedback to the PaLA on presentations made as a result
of being listed as a resource with the Speakers Bureau.
• Presenters are expected to display expertise in their topical area and present effectively.

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Please select PaLA Chapter regions where you are available to speak (go to http://www.palibraries.org/?page=Chapters to view the map). You may restrict locations further by choosing "Other" and entering the name of counties.
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Speaking Experience
Please list previous speaking engagements. Include references, if available.
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PaLA Annual Conference
If you have presented at a PaLA Annual Conference, please indicate which year(s).
If you would like to include a photo of yourself with your listing, please e-mail the image to: palaspeakersbureau@gmail.com

The opinions expressed by participants in the Speakers Bureau do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of PaLA. The mention of an organization name, product, or service in a presentation should not be construed as an endorsement, nor is the failure to include an organization name, product, or service to be construed as disapproval.

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