EARL 2020 Registration
*Payment must be sent for approval of this form* All registration fees must be paid by January 31, 2020
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What is your oval license and iRating? *
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What is your desired 1 or 2 digit car number? (Numbers are first come / first serve so list a couple) *
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If you are part of a team, what is your team name? if you are not on a team / do not want to be associated to a team name respond with NA *
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There is a registration fee of $70.00 USD. Please pay this amount to nicholas.hurd@outlook.com by January 31st 2020 via Paypal. Your application will be finalized upon payment of the entry fee. Note that your desired door number is not set until application is final. Please respond below with your intended date of pay or if already paid just respond with paid. *ALL registration fees are non-refundable* *
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