Ministry Site Profile Survey
Dear Member of the Congregation,

One task of the Call Committee is to complete a Ministry Site Profile which is a very detailed document about our congregation that provides information to prospective Lead Pastor applicants. Please help us by sharing your feedback on the survey form below. We ask that you submit the completed survey by May 12, 2019.

Thank you,
St. Matthew Lutheran Church Call Committee
Lea Coppola, Kit Curlen, Ellen Shenk, Tom Shultz, Sara Staub, Drew Steffens, and Doug West
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Gifts for Ministry Section Instructions
(1) Identify a maximum of five gifts for ministry that the rostered leader must bring to our ministry setting in the left-hand column.

(2) In the right-hand column, identify five more gifts that would be helpful in our ministry setting. (Since our search is for a pastor, the survey of gifts assumes that the pastor is able to offer worship leadership and preaching.)
Gifts for Ministry (choose only 5 in each column)
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Top Priority (5 max.)
Very Helpful (5 max.)
Help people develop their spiritual life.
Help people understand and act upon issues of social justice.
Provide care and nurture.
Be active in visitation of members and non-members.
Be effective in working with children.
Build a sense of community among the people with whom he/she works.
Help others develop their leadership abilities and skills for ministry.
Be an effective administrator.
Be an effective communicator.
Be an effective teacher.
Encourage support of the Church's wider mission.
Work regularly in the development of stewardship growth.
Be active in ecumenical relationships.
Be effective in working with youth.
Organize people for community action.
Be skilled in planning and leading programs.
Have a strong commitment and loyalty to the Lutheran Church.
Understand and interpret the mission of the Church from a global perspective.
Deal effectively with conflict.
Bring joy and good humor to relationships.
Be able to share leadership and work in a team.
Be creative and innovative about his or her tasks.
Be able to use technology and media.
Appreciate cultural diversity in language and customs.
Have talents in the areas of music, arts and writing.
Five Most Critical Tasks Instructions
Select what you feel are the five most critical tasks you are looking for our new lead pastor to perform. Choose ONLY five and no more.
Select the five most critical tasks required in the position of a Lead Pastor.
Yes, this is one of the five most critical tasks
Counseling/Social Work
Inter-personal Climate
Ministry with Seniors
Outdoor/Camping Ministry
Pastoral Care and Visitation
Recruit and Equip Leaders
Social Ministry
Strategic Mission Planning
Building a Sense of Community
Children's Ministry
Community Organizing
Early Childhood Administration
Financial Management
Interim Ministry
Ministry in Crisis
Multicultural Ministry
Parish Nurse/Health
Preaching/Worship Leadership
Self Care/Family Life
Spiritual Formation/Direction
Campus/Young Adult Ministry
Christian Education
Conflict Management
Ecumenical Work
Global Service
Interpret Theology
Ministry in Daily Life
Music/Worship Arts
Participant in the Larger Church
Public Policy/Advocacy
Small Group Ministry
Volunteer Coordination
Youth and Family Ministry
Additional Comments
Please share any additional comments below (i.e. programs, primary goals, mission priorities, what excites you about the congregation, etc):
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