CTK 2019 Online Pledge Card
God calls on all of us to use our time, talent, and treasure to help others, and our annual stewardship campaign is an excellent way to heed that calling, helping both our Cathedral and our broader community. To know, love, and serve as Jesus did means following his example of how to be good stewards of the many gifts we are blessed with.

The Cathedral of Christ the King is fully supported by voluntary gifts from our parishioners. Your pledge is your intention to support our Cathedral parish and allows us to plan programming, provide staffing, update facilities, and offer a safe and secure space to worship and grow in your faith. If you value the liturgical celebrations, religious education, community, and outreach that the Cathedral offers, your pledge is needed.

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Pledge of Time & Talent
At the Cathedral, we have over 100 ministries to help you live out your call to know, love, and serve. Please visit www.cathedralctk.com/ministries to see an overview of the many opportunities and prayerfully consider how you can give the gift of your time and talent. All talents are useful and no talent is too small to be used to help others know, love, and serve.
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Pledge of Treasure
When we give generously, we place our trust in God’s plan for our lives. Our treasure is a way for us to imitate Jesus’ generous love. The Bible speaks of the tithe, putting 10% of one’s material wealth in service to God. [Deut 12:6-7] Our Catholic Church leaders suggest giving 5% to the parish, 1% to archdiocese, and 4% to charity. Most Catholics who tithe reach this ideal gradually. Your treasure, no matter the amount, is one gift coupled with many others that makes our mission to know, love, and serve as Jesus did active. In thanksgiving for God’s gifts, each household at CTK is asked to budget a generous gift to the offertory in proportion to your income. See the backside for more information on where your offertory money goes.
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