Misfit Politics Conference RSVP
Misfit Politics is a full day conference being held Friday, April 11, 2014 in 5670 Haven Hall.

Let us know when you'll be attending and if you'll be breaking bread (or not breaking coffee mugs) with us. We would love for folks to stay all day, so feel warmly encouraged to say "Yes!" to all.
I'll be attending morning panels and would like to be included in the continental breakfast count. *
Continental breakfast begins at 8:45am and includes pastries, fruit, water, tea and coffee from the (espresso) bar.
I'll be attending the Keynote Address and would like to be included in the Pilar's Tamales lunch order count. *
We'll invite attendees to fill a plate around 11:45am, and the keynote will be introduced at 12pm. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free tamales will be available!
I'll be attending afternoon panels and would like to be included in the mid-afternoon coffee break count. *
We'll roll in fresh coffee around 3:45p, just before the 5th & final panel. Courtesy of the (espresso) bar.
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