Bricks on the Cape Moc "My Own Creation"
Build My Own Creation is for adults and school aged kids 5-17 yrs and will be held on May 4th, 2019 @ 10am at Gulf Middle School in Cape Coral. We are looking for Master Builders to create moc builds of their own creations (Never Before Seen) to be on display and judged to find the first SWFL Master Builders! There will be 3 age groups being judged 5-11, 12-17 & 18+. By filling out this form in its entirety, you are agreeing to commit to the contest and have your creation ready for display at 9am May 4th, 2019. The event will be free so ask family and friends to come out and vote for your creation. Voting ballets will be handed out at the door to event. Any questions or concerns please email event host Bryan
at Don't forget to post your updated photos on social media by tagging @broke4bricks or using hashtag #bricksonthecape

RULES: Creations must be made of 100% LEGO Bricks. Creations must be novel and may not be an already existing production set. All builds must employ LEGO Legal Connections and must stand on their own without any outside support. Creations must be done by single contestant, multiple participants may sign up as GROUP below.

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