CEO 2019 Transportation Feedback Thread
To better help everyone get to CEO 2019 in Daytona Beach, FL, please fill out this survey below so that the team can look into multiple options based on traffic, number of people flying in that need easier ways to get to the venue or an idea of who drives in and more. We are curious to see how many people fly in and any given time.

If you are able to fly into the Daytona Beach Airport, it's only about a 10-15 minute Uber to the venue so getting there should be easy to arrange. MCO in Orlando is about a 75 minute ride away and that is where we want to help.

Past CEO's have had attendees from over 30 countries and 45 US States so we'd like to know going forward more information on how people attend the event to make this year and future year experiences easier for you!

Also please note, your information filled out below will not be shared anywhere publicly.

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If you Fly, Which airport are you flying into?
If you Fly, What day do you land?
If You Fly, What day do you Leave CEO?
If you are flying into MCO Airport, What time are you arriving?
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If you fly what airline are you taking?
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Have you already booked a shuttle service or way to the venue/hotel in Daytona and through who?
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If CEO booked charter buses up front to take you from the airport in Orlando to Daytona, Would you be willing to pay a $20-$25 fee each way?
If you have booked your Hotel or AirBnB already for CEO, which one in Daytona are you staying at?
Any other comments about getting to and from CEO you'd like to share?
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