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Our Senior Model Program is a great way high school seniors to get incredible senior portraits and earn significant discounts off their senior portrait purchases. If choosen to represent our studio at your school, you'll be helping us show off the latest portrait styles and backgrounds! Here are some benefits and requirements of becoming a Senior Model for Images Photography:

#1) A free fun 30 minute modeling session taken in March & April. Bring fun, casual and fashionable outfits. We wil use a selection of these images to create a set of 50 custom designed cards you will use to hand out to friends and classmates begin your campaign.
#2) Your required to purchase a discounted spring-early summer senior portrat session.
#3) Your own Facebook Promo Code-to track friends who came to Images.
#4) Website, Blog, Brochures, Displays & Facebook – are some of the places in which you may appear!
#5) You'll receive a few images to display on your Facebook page.
#6) For every rep card or Promo code redeemed from your friends, you will receive $15 off your final portrait order and your friend will receive $15 toward off their upfront session fee. Valid one card per senior, per session. You don’t have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to get IN. We base our decision on personality, activities and eagerness to be in the program. We are looking for models that truly appreciate the Images quality, and can see the difference in our work. Remember, only a limited number of Images Senior Reps are accepted from each school! If you meet our requirements…sign up today!

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