What are your growth areas?
We're big fans of building self-awareness so that we can invest intentionally in areas critical for success in and outside of the office:
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Do you feel confident in your professional skills and contributions? *
Not today. I'm early in my career or lack confidence in identifying my value.
YES. I know my professional superpowers.
Do you speak up in the workplace? Do you have authority in your voice? *
I sit quietly in meetings and/or experience imposter syndrome often.
I confidently contribute in meetings and through active participation and questions.
Are you satisfied with your career today and alignment for where it's going? Do you feel like you are being intentional here? *
I'm not happy with my role today and / or don't feel that I own where it's headed
I'm excited about my role and prospects from here.
Is your workplace actively investing in you? *
They're not.
They actively invest in employee development.
Are you receiving mentorship and/or guidance for professional development today? *
Yes - I receive active and helpful mentorship and support.
Are you interested in making a change but having trouble moving forward with this (or another life transition)? *
Yes, but I haven't started to make any changes.
I am interested in change and am actively pursuing this and trying new things.
Are you actively investing in alignment, balance, and/or mindset?
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