GroundWork Questionnaire
This questionnaire is required for participation in the GroundWork Workshop. 

In this workshop, we will explore the strategic milestones that every early-stage startup should know, embrace and maniacally pursue. 

If you would like to present your startup's strategic milestones for review and feedback, please complete this form in advance. 

A strategic milestone should be:
  • Focused -- preferably only one strategic milestone, two at most.
  • Quantitative -- strategic milestones must be numeric and measurable.
  • Specific - strategic milestones must be clear and unambiguous.
  • Time boxed -- strategic milestones must target a specific date and time within a range of 4 to 6 months.
  • Compelling -- strategic milestones unlock something that moves the company forward in a material way.
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What is your name? *
What is your company name? *
What is your next, right strategic milestone? *
Following the outline above, describe your strategic milestone in no more than 10 words. For example:
  • $10k MRR
  • 5 enterprise customers at min. 100k ACV
  • Onboard out 1,000th customer
  • 50k users signed up
Note that product related milestones are almost never strategic, i.e., new features, new capacity, etc. The strategic milestone would be business metric you will achieve with these new features, capacity, etc.
On what day and time will you achieve your strategic milestone.  *
This should be a specific date and time, four to six months out. For example, 5pm on November 7th.
What will your strategic milestone unlock? *
A defining characteristic of a strategic milestone is that, if achieved, it would unlock something meaningfully strategic for the company. For example, a strategic milestone can unlock larger customers, or a larger customer base, or a new geographic market, or has the potential for new partnerships, or a new and important revenue stream. 

Note that fundraising is not, in itself, a strategic unlock. Although strategic unlocks very often enable fundraising. 
What are some key assumptions underlying your strategic milestone? *
This is where the work happens. Think of this as "what must be true in order for you to achieve your strategic milestone?" Key assumptions are often related to timelines (e.g., to hire, to build, to sell) and customer acquisition metrics (channels, tactics, conversion, etc.)  For example, "we're going to acquire 50 new customers using LinkedIn marketing," "once we close our first government contract then we'll be able to close five more quickly," "our product will be product ready in 60 days," "we're going to grow sales by hiring an experienced account exec and two SDRs," etc.
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