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Dear community,

Thank you for taking this brave step forward to join us to voice how your wellness can best be supported through this challenging time of racial injustice and the ongoing isolation many of us are experiencing due to the pandemic. Please use this form to register and submit any guiding questions you feel would be valuable to leading this community forum, and we will have a poll at the beginning of the forum to determine which questions resonate the most with participants in attendance. Your answers will be used to develop workshops and mobilize our community partners to support your wellness now and beyond.

To see the findings from June's Brave Space, please see the summary on our recent Instagram post @psypherla.

1. Who can join? Anyone age 13-25 years old, or any representative of an agency who serves this age group
2. Where are we meeting? We will host the forum on a Zoom call. You'll receive a link after registering with the link our bio.
3. When is this? Monday, July 7th. 6-7:30pm. Your feedback at this forum will inform our immediate action items. In addition, we will follow up with a free public workshop that will provide opportunities for education and expression based on the discussion we have this coming Monday.
4. Why should you join? Spaces to connect and take care of our wellness are important as we all work to create social justice. Psypher wants to provide these types of spaces through our workshops, and so we're listening for what you need. For anything outside of our scope, we will work to mobilize our community partners to help address your needs.
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