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CSLR Talks make innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship accessible to the public. Emory University's Center for the Study of Law and Religion (CSLR) seeks emerging and established scholars in the field(s) of law and religion, broadly defined, to present their research in a TED-talk style format in the Spring of 2019. Scholars from any academic discipline may present on any topic related to the study of law and religion. Up to six individuals or teams will be selected from the pool of applicants to present their research. Presentations will be scheduled for dates in March and April of 2019, and will be recorded (video) in the Berman Library at Emory Law School. Recordings of the video will be distributed via the CSLR’s website and social media platforms.

Selected presenters will each receive an honorarium of $250.00. Each presenter will be eligible to receive an additional $150.00 award if their presentation receives more than 1,000 unique online views within two weeks of being posted. Presenters are welcome and encouraged to promote viewership via social media, etc.

Applicants must submit a complete online application by January 20, 2018 to be considered. Current graduate students and post-doctoral students/fellows are especially encouraged to apply.

After an applicant is selected, presenters must prepare a 20-30 minute, highly polished presentation targeted to the educated public rather than academic specialists. This presentation should be delivered with minimal reliance on notes or slides, and must not be merely read as an academic paper. Presentations will be recorded and distributed on publicly accessible platforms to an online audience of scholars, practitioners, and laypersons.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
- Law and Judaism
- Law and Christianity
- Law and Islam
- Law and Buddhism
- Law, Religion, and Human Rights
- Law, Religion, and Jurisprudence
- Law, Religion, and Social Justice
- Law, Religion, and Health
- Law, Religion, and Sexuality
- Etc.

For more information about the Center for the Study of Law and Religion, please visit: http://cslr.law.emory.edu/

Please direct questions to jlatter@emory.edu.

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