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Please fill out the form below to sign up for an audition with our production at Viviana Theatre Company. Enter information clearly and honestly. If you need to change or update information, please email us at for assistance.

VAMPE is open to performers ages 16 through adult. Performers between the ages of 16-18 must bring a parent/guardian to the audition to sign a participation waiver.

VAMPE the Musical is an intense romantic love story in the styles of Romeo & Juliet / West Side Story focusing around the feud between Vampires and Angels; their existence and the world changes as one particular Vampire searching for his identity (Carter) falls in love with an Angel (Caleb). The musical score and dialogue tie together their love story in a world so torn.

Roles of various gender identities are represented in this production. Performers must be comfortable with these interactions and various stages of dress/undress.


To assist with scheduling, please note that the shows are tentatively scheduled for October 24th to 26th with tech week the week leading up to the first show. Cast members will be responsible for a minimal participation fee to cover facility usage costs. To balance with this, there will also be fundraising and ticket sale requirements for cast participation.

Tech week and show dates are ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY, NO EXCEPTIONS FOR THIS PRODUCTION, therefore conflicts for these times will not be accepted and will result in the inability to participate in the cast for the production.
Due to the active nature of the show, conflicts will also be limited based on role.

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(Please select a block for your audition, auditions will be seen in order of signup/arrival) Please prepare a vocal selection that highlights your range and ability to sing for us. For acting, please prepare a short monologue either from the perspective of promoting peace and harmony between two different worlds, or from the angry family member that will not change their ways. I will be attending the following audition:
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Character Descriptions
The character descriptions will be available at the audition, and you may indicate which ones interest you. Please email us if you have further questions about the characters.

CARTER, a vampire prince. He has always felt "different" from his vampire brethren, but recently he has found himself very dissatisfied with vampire life.

JAKUB, a vampire prince. CARTER's brother. He is proud and loyal to vampire kind and the vampire ways, but tries to mask this with a rebellious attitude.

SEBASTIAN, a vampire nobleman. Father to CARTER and JAKUB. He is old, powerful and wise. He is respected by all the vampires in this lair.

LUCRESE, an Ancient Vampire. Ancient vampires are so powerful that even vampires fear them. LUCRESE and their siblings, VIKTA and ESANTE, are a group of Ancient Vampires that have taken the responsibility to watch the activities of their father, VAHN PIERE.

VIKTA, an Ancient Vampire. VIKTA, with their siblings LUCRESE and ESANTE, are a group of Ancient Vampires that have taken the responsibility to watch the activities of their father VAHN PIERE.

ESANTE, an Ancient Vampire. ESANTE, with their siblings VIKTA and LUCRESE, are a group of Ancient Vampires that have taken the responsibility to watch the activities of their father VAHN PIERE.

VAHN PIERE, the first vampire in our story. Formerly, an Angel of Death, he is far more ancient and far more powerful than even the Ancient Vampires. He is behind the scenes, pulling the strings, but not out of a desire for power. He desires the evolution of vampire kind. He has a troubled conscience, but he sees his actions as for the good of all.

MORGAHNA, LIELETH, SANTI. Vampire lovers and "henchmen" for JAKUB.


VERONIQUE, a woman that was dating JAKUB, completely unaware of his true nature.

ELIZABET, a young woman that once had her life ahead of her, only to have it all taken away when the family responsibility -- to be the protector of the Blood Pact -- is thrust on her. She is depressed and suicidal.

FREDERIK, husband to ELIZABET. He loves her deeply and would gladly die for her. He sees her suffering and wants to be there for her, and is pained that ELIZABET won't allow him.

IGNATIUS, a distant ancestor of ELIZABET. He was the first protector of the Blood Pact.

IGRAINE, the one true love of VAHN PIERE from his distant past. She appears both as a young woman and as an old woman.

HUMAN CARTER, CARTER's lover. After CARTER killed the HUMAN CARTER, he took his name.

RANDOM HUMANS, ultimately victims of the vampires or the angels of death.

CALEB, an Angel of Death. When God decided that angels should no longer have emotions, for some reason this did not happen to him. He has spent an eternity hiding this fact, wishing that what happened to the other angels would finally happen to him. When he came in contact with the Blood Pact, he has found his emotions to be stronger, to the point where he is unable to hide them.

GENEVA, an Angel of Death. In the distant past, she was CALEB's lover. Like CALEB, she did not lose all of her emotions like the other angels: she was allowed to keep her love of CALEB. Like CALEB, she has spent an eternity hiding this. She has become CALEB's most trusted friend.

CELINE, an Angel of Death.
JOSEPHUS, an Angel of Death.
BRIDGIT, an Angel of Death.
ANASTASIA, an Angel of Death.



CHAOS/OBLIVION, never shown on-stage and sounds like multiple voices talking at the same time.
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