21st Century PA Athlete Registration
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All athletes must submit all required sports forms by the first day of practice.

 21st Student Contract- (Student Academic/Social Contract
 21st Sports Release- (Voluntary Activities Participation Form)
 Physical Form
 APIAL Waiver of Liability (https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1keNw-Wvwf_uX867DUq6_wqH1SKuXcjHcTL4_SJCMfrU/pub)
 $50 Payment (cash, check, money order)
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Registering For Athletes
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Please indicate which sport (s) you are registering your child for. NOTE: we allow each athlete to compete in up to 3 sports during the fall season under the limitations outlined. 1. Athletes may only participate in one team sport (either volleyball or soccer) 2. If athletes choose a second and/or a third sport it must be one of the individual sports offered (cross country and golf) REASONING: team sports are often scheduled on the same dates. If an athlete has to choose either soccer or volleyball to attend you could potentially leave a team to forfeit because many of the athletes on one team are missing because they attended the sport of choice on that day and left the other sport without enough players.
Parent Name (s) *
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21st Century Sports Release
You acknowledge that you have carefully read the above Sports Release PARTICIPATION FORM and that you agree to its terms. *
21st Century Student Academic/Social Contract
Parent and student-athlete agree to the above Academic/Social contract. *
Complete the Steps Below: to Read the Waiver of Liability, Concussion, and Code of Conduct form click the link below:
Do Parent and student-athlete agree to the terms of the APIAL waiver of Liability *
Do Parent and student-athlete agree to the terms of the APIAL Code of Conduct? *
Do Parent and student-athlete agree to the NMAA Fact Sheet for Athletes & Parents? *
Type in your Full Name below: *
It is understood that you read and have agreed to all terms within the waiver of liability document, Code of Conduct and NMAA concussion Fact Sheet by typing your full name in the space below.
Parent Volunteering
Parents will be required to volunteer at their Athlete(s) sporting events. In some cases, volunteering may include (working the scorebook, keeping a scoreboard, gate, concession, etc). Volunteers are gratefully appreciated for helping out our amazing teams throughout the season
Parents are required to Volunteer for their student-athlete event for this upcoming season? *
Willing to volunteer as an Assistant Coach *
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