FBB3 Fantasy Draft Ranking Ballot!
Choose who you think will finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. and then guess who you think runs each team!
Identify yourself! (Ex: Adam / GrizzGM) *
Who will finish where? *
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1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
Dayton Dutch Rudders
Wichita Shockers
Birmingham Blue Waffles
Liberty Limp Dicks
Milwaukee Meat Wallets
Toronto Titty Tassels
Boston Bukkake
Botswana BBCs
Who runs the Dayton Dutch Rudders?
Who runs the Wichita Shockers?
Who runs the Birmingham Blue Waffles?
Who runs the Liberty Limp Dicks?
Who runs the Milwaukee Meat Wallets?
Who runs the Toronto Titty Tassels?
Who runs the Boston Bukkake?
Who runs the Botswana BBCs?
Who would you have drafted that didn't get drafted?
Who was the best pick?
Who was the worst pick?
Any suggestions for future versions of this?
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