Mobil-Eyes Us Pilot Participation: Maximizing the Power of Live Video and Activist Networks During the Olympics
Mobil-Eyes Us  is a project incubated at WITNESS that aims to harness the power of live video and emerging task-routing tools to help frontline activists tap into distributed networks of supporters, turning viewers into active witnesses who can provide guidance, leverage, and solidarity in real time.

We are supporting a small-scale pilot during the Rio Summer Olympics focused on the human rights violations taking place in the context of the Games, including militarization of favelas, forced evictions, suppression of public protest and misdirected public spending. We will be collaborating with frontline communities affected by these issues.

By joining this pilot you will be invited to participate in a series of live-streams - some scheduled, some spontaneous - alongside locally-based activists in Rio, and asked to take actions that directly support activist movements on the ground.

We will be using a mix of Facebook Events, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter, WhatsApp and pushes to SMS, so ask you to provide this set of information. Only share what you feel comfortable sharing.

We are also testing out some assumptions about level of engagement, types of actions 'distant witnesses' will take, and interests.

If you are interested in participating in future pilots beyond this one please let us know via the form.

More information on the project:
Our WITNESS data use policy is as follows: (and here's why we don't have a 'privacy' policy:

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How can we contact you? NOTE: In pilot we are most likely to use SMS and Twitter and Facebook alerts
What is your SMS contact number (please include country code and use the format: +123456789 with no spaces or dashes)?
If it is ok to send alerts via SMS
What is your Facebook personal profile URL?
If it is ok to send alerts via Facebook Messenger.  This is the URL you get to when you click on your name in the upper left of the Facebook home page. It should look something like this: OR OR
What is your preferred email?
What is your WhatsApp contact number?
If it is ok to send alerts via WhatsApp
What is your Twitter handle?
If it is ok to direct message you with alerts on Twitter.
What is your Periscope name? (unless you maintain separate accounts this will be the same as your Twitter handle)
What is your timezone (please specify in relation to GMT to the closest hour - we will use to try to avoid SMS notification in middle of night)
How often and why do you want to be a 'distant witness'?
What is your level of interest in being a 'distant witness' during this pilot? One rule of thumb: do you want to be alerted around a major event (1), every few days (2), frequently/more than daily (3) *
Lower level of participation
High level of participation
What is your primary human rights interest in the context of the Rio Summer Olympics? *
We will be offering both options experience solidarity and action as a group and also asking for individual skill-based actions. We will be using 'act-tags' with the symbol ^ (as indicated below) to indicate your possible actions around live-streams.Please indicate below by checking as many boxes as appropriate where you have relevant interest or skills.                                                  
OTHER: Let us know below if you have a particular skill that you can deploy remotely to support frontline activists (e.g. can edit videos rapidly after watching a livestream,)
Can we keep you involved?
This will be an experiment - we'd love to keep you engaged as this approach develops further.
Are you interested in being contacted about future pilots in other human rights contexts? *
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